Berlin Kloster str

by TwoOne on April 20, 2014

I have left Japan a week ago, and Just Arrived Berlin.

staying with this guy! 


we haven’t seen much of the city yet as I got to paint this huge wall..

I had 4days to finish it, so I have raced with the sunset for 4days, and on the final day I just beat the sunset, so I still haven’t got the final shot, but here is some work in progress shot. I will post the finish photo soon.

I like it here already!!



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New Screen Print “Strong Mind II”

by TwoOne on March 23, 2014

I have been working on this new screen print while I was staying at my grand fathers house in Yokohama Japan.

“Strong Mind II”

3 color printing ink on 300gsm archival paper.

Hand pulled screen print.

26 x 35.5cm, signed and numbered by artist.

Limited edition of 40.

We ship it to any where in the world! You can oder on Here>



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2013>2014 March

by TwoOne on March 23, 2014

It has been long time since I up date blog.. SO here is some of the stuff it has been happening from this date 2014 march to back 2013.

I’m up dating more regularly on Instagram, so if you like to see things more on time please check this as well>


So I have been in Japan for a month and half now.

and last week I went to Nagoya for first time, to work on a wall in Nonami.

photo is Day 1 In the rain

 and here is the complete wall.

Big Thanks to Sand pit Cafe, and Cychedelic, and SAN japan, and everyone I met in Nagoya it was super fun!!

I also visited Osaka for a real quick and got to paint with Osaka legend Veryone in Wakayama.


I have also been working on some prints. I will post more about it tomorrow.

before I came to Japan We left my second home Melbourne, where I have stayed 10years. Melbourne has been so good to me, Met lots of great friends and Family, and I got to create a lots, and the city and people have been constantly inspired me.  but now we are going to new adventure, so I can bring back something new to Melbourne and my brain after the new adventure..

This is the studio I was in for 5 years.

There was few deferent people I shared this place with, they all influenced me in deferent ways. And this space was so good I created so much art work, music, lots of drinking and ping pong.  I feel very grateful that I had this space while I was in Melbourne.

Thank you so much for Timba Smits for finding this place for first place!

There is more I want to write but I will continue it to next post.

Have a great adventure.

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Open Studio

by TwoOne on December 12, 2013

Open studio!

I’m opening my studio to everyone on this Sunday 15th Dec, from 11:30-5pm.

162 Hoddle st Abbotsford.

Some of new and old unseen work will be available, also some prints and little sculptures.

Please send me a email for request for catalogue at

It’s been 10 years science I have move to Melbourne from Japan.

And We have decided, its time for new adventure to see the other part of world.

We will be leaving Melbourne early 2014, and we don’t know when we will be back.

So it will be a last one for now, until we come back sometime in future.

I Hope to see you all here.

Please come say hello if you are in Melbourne!

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2013 Sept-NOV walls

by TwoOne on November 26, 2013

Start seeing the tail of 2013. Melbourne is Getting worm now!

since I come back from Hong kong

I have been painting few walls..

start with Shida in Collingwood.

and more.. 

water dam adventure.



Origami fox in CBD Melb


“Two horses” Docklad

“Ridiculous” in Dock lands

and more coming soon!

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Define nothing

by TwoOne on September 19, 2013

It’s been Almost 2 month since my Solo Show “Define Nothing” at Backwoods gallery is finished.

but here is the quick recap from my show for the people who couldn’t make it down to Melbourne that time.


We had an amazing Butoh Dancer Shiro on Opening.


Also I have done a live paint during the show, and shiro came to collaborate with me. 

It was quite chaotic, But it was great experience.

and I have finished the piece next day.

which happened be filmed by good man Carlo Dalziel

Thank you so much foe the people who have visited the Show.

and Thank you so much for everyone who have helped to make it happen!

I have had few more adventure after this as well, So I will post about it asap.




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“Phycological portrait” 96 page book

by TwoOne on July 18, 2013

I’m releasing A5 size, 96 page Lithography print book.

200 Limited edition.

Signed and Numbered.


Available From here

Also I have hidden a handful of small illustrations within the Zines. A few people will find some original artwork hidden within the pages. Enjoy!






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by TwoOne on July 9, 2013

I would like to invite you all to my up coming Solo exhibition Opens 12th Friday July 2013 at Backwoods gallery

for a catalogue inquiry please email them on sales@backwoodsgallery.comI will be showing New painting and sculpture, Also Some installation.

Here is little video I made with the installation.

I have my friends Buto Dancer performing on the opening.

Hope to see you all there!







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May 2013 “Month of walls”

by TwoOne on May 21, 2013

This Month I have been painting few walls with few good friends.

I went for quick adventure with Mr Nails.

Then I painted 2 walls in Clayton, with good friend Alstark.

Then I have painted extra wall for fun.

Then good Shida and I try paint together for first time.

Then We liked how it goes. So we painted big one, in the thunder storm.


Also I have been working on my solo show at backwoods Gallery in july, So please keep eye and ear on for more informations..

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“Beast of thousand wild” screen print

by TwoOne on May 12, 2013

I’m Happy to share , my new screen print “Beast of thousand wild” !

I sprayed and smudged them with my finger and scratched them with nail on the acetate, then exposed that as screen, out come is…

Limited edition of 17.

Size 56x76cm

Hand pulled screen printing ink on 300gsm archival paper.

Signed and Numbered and finger printed.


You can buy it from Here 

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